C-Cynergy North America (NA), LLC is a Boston, Massachusetts based company specializing in vital and sustainable innovations.  As a clean technology engineering solution development company, the goal is to assemble cost-effective and energy efficient innovations primarily in the water, waste water, and waste treatment sectors.  Given an extensive background in capital markets and domain expertise in the sustainability space, C-Cynergy NA, LLC amassed a global business network.

C-Cynergy NA, LLC promotes the concept of using various waste streams as an important resource to create profitable commodities.  By drawing from deep knowledge and experience in this space, the company carries out commercial and technical evaluations and market analysis of customer needs in order to develop and execute economically sustainable projects – projects that go beyond the principles of reclamation and recycling.  Therefore, to formulate solutions for the many diverse and global issues in these sectors, the company works with the best-in-class engineering and technology providers, installs the recommended systems, and operates on behalf of the customer.  As such, the mission of C-Cynergy NA, LLC is to facilitate the commercialization of strategic technologies by building the strongest possible supply chain to accelerate adoption and bring scalability.