C-Cynergy NA, LLC has thought leaders and an array of business relationships to materialize each customer’s specific needs in the development of sustainable strategies with practical plans.  Through the company’s global network in the renewable technology domain, C-Cynergy NA, LLC can be instrumental in solving complicated problems as well as implementing holistic system improvements to be optimally cost effective and efficient.  Our services include:

  • Acquisition of avenues and mechanisms for growth – The key is aligning and tailoring a customer’s business objectives with the right clean technology in order to ultimately bring  opportunities to fruition by designing and executing projects that reflect customer needs.
  • Business development – Generating revenue goes beyond opportunity identification.  It’s about anticipating viable areas for expansion of business offerings and product extension.  As such, this assures business longevity by remaining nimble and changes with shifts in the economic, regulatory, and technology landscapes.
  • Market development – The goal is to understand and eliminate barriers to entry and risks, including country and political factors, in order to successfully globalize and commercialize high value solutions.
  • New revenue streams – In addition to problem solving and accelerating the commercialization of solutions, another goal is to advance financially.  C-Cynergy NA, LLC can create and facilitate multi-dimensional business operation to capture several revenue sources and yield optimal profitability.
  • Product development and augmentation – In addition to C-Cynergy NA, LLC’s expansive reach, the company invests in water and renewable technologies from time to time.  This enables C-Cynergy to be more than a one-stop solution developer and provider.  It offers the ability to share technologies, as appropriate, and expand on a customer’s innovation platform to improve its overall performance.
  • Implementation and integration schemes – Working collaboratively with our customers, C-Cynergy NA, LLC has the means to provide an execution plan that is mutually beneficial.  This includes implementable options such as build-operate-own (BOO) and build-operate-transfer (BOT).