With population growth, the demand for energy, water, and food also increases.  As a result, this puts a strain on existing natural resources, oftentimes negatively impacting the environment and public health.  On the other hand, these consequences also offer opportunities for innovation and the creation of new businesses as well as new industries, such as recycling.

The recycle and reuse industry provide solutions to some pollution and resource dependency issues.  However, there are other waste streams that can not be managed through this industry.  Moreover, the efforts from this industry do not sufficiently make up for the rate of natural resource depletion as consumer needs escalate.  Subsequently, additional industries focusing on waste to renewables (e.g., energy and sellable commodities) have emerged.

At C-Cynergy NA, LLC, the technical and management expertise are readily deployable for a broad range of waste, waste water, and water treatment and disposal problems that the industrial and municipal sectors face.  Most important, the end results of executable solutions achieve the triple bottom-line (i.e., social, environmental, and financial benefits).  Some examples of our available clean technologies include:

  • Renewable energy/fuel schemes via waste conversion innovations
  • Processes to render waste to sellable products
  • Advanced water treatment for complex pollutants as in the case of the oil and gas and pharmaceutical industries
  • Cost-effective portable solutions for developing countries, remote areas, and disaster-relief situations
  • Pre-treatment mechanisms for overall operation improvements and cost-savings